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Ancient History

This is archive for ourĀ oldest family records. If you have some good old stuff, like our Scottish Coat of Arms (I always seem to miss them when they call to sell it to me),please forward it on so we can include it here as a reference for future generations. So without future delay, here’s our best old stuff:

Book of Chan Henry C. Sue’s ancestral book smuggled direct from China. If you can read/translate old skool Chinese, please help us get to poop on what the book says. Contact Steve!

Clan Village Map Origins of Henry Sheu [Sue], Henry Lum and Yim Tom families. Come learn the difference between On Tong, Sun Lu, Bok Mew, Lung Doo, Shekki and more!

Lum Family Story Read how world traveler Henry P. Lum pawned his 18 year old daughter to Henry C. Sue aboard a boat to China.

The Henry & Alice Sue Story Read about Henry’s 46 big years around the world from China to Mexico to America to Germany to America and back again!

Henry Chee Sue

US Immigration Papers Here’s the official immigration records of Henry Chee Sue and the interrogation transcript that sent Lum Suk Wun (aka E-Baw) back to China.

Lum Suk Wun (aka E-Baw)

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    Wonderful…thanks for your great story of your family history.

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