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6584 Saroni Drive

Hey 6584 fans! Our new friends Michael Rubin & Jessica Barksdale, the current owners of 6584 contacted us through NiceyRicey this week. Thx Michael and Jessica for stalking us! Michael and Jessica relatively newlyweds (5 years) who purchased 6584 a couple years ago and have done some really nice remodeling. Michael wrote seeking historical information […]

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Hayley Goes #2!

Whoa girl! Hayley came in second on her team in her second-ever x-country race! Even better, she got her award-winning game face plastered all over the newspaper! Yep, in 2010, we still have newspapers!!! But wow what a look of on-purpose concentration… like she’s the Anna Kournikova of running… hot and intense… or like Haley […]

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Hayley Sue just made the girls varsity cross country team – as a freshwoman! Here’s her first race in which she came in third for her team… WOW! Our kin got good legs afterall… Hayley is all over this vid, so look for her in the red jersey with white t-shirt under and fancy blue […]

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