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Writing Tips

images-2Hey Nicey Ricey Writers! We know you’re all new to blogging, so here’s some quick tips to get you going:

  • Keep posts short. Your articles are best short and concise. People tend to skim on the Internet so get to the point fast. 3-4 paragraphs is plenty long for a post. Also keep yours paragraphs and sentences short. Even sentence fragments are acceptable in blogs (and even preferred as they’re easy to read). Seriously. There’s nothing wrong with even single word “sentences.”
  • Keep it casual. Be conversational. Use slang. keep it stupid and friendly. You don’t need to want to be long-winded or preachy ’cause folks will just tune you out.
  • Always deliver a punchline. People read for value. They want to gain wisdom and be delighted. So make sure to have payoffs along the way, especially at the end of your posts. If you don’t have a moral, teaching/learning or punchline, you should cut off the bottom until you expose one to be your finisher.
  • Screen shot 2009-10-07 at 4.04.48 PMPictures help. You can upload pictures through your post editor by simply positioning your cursor at the location and clicking the picture or video upload function button. Follow the prompts to load images from your computer to Nicey Ricey. Any issues, contact Linda or Steve.
  • Edit your posts from time to time. You’ll learn a lot about good writing and you’ll develop your writing style faster by editing your old posts from time to time. Walking away for a while is a good way to improve your perspective and writing technique.
  • When in Doubt. Email your content to Steve and he’ll post it for all to enjoy.

Follow these tips and you’ll be a pro blogger in no time–enjoy!

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