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This is an experiment to see if we can get 5 senior siblings to write stories about the past, share their wisdom and help build the future. The idea is to capture times past, events and circumstances that shaped our clan and learnings that can help future generations attain greatness.
Senior writers: it’s simple–just send your short stories via email. As you write, bear in mind that while all the world may not be listening, the family surely is… so keep it somewhat PG13. You don’t have to write a book, just jot down short anecdotes (3 or so paragraphs long) and email them in. You can also send us pictures for inclusion with your writings. For those of you who want the flexibility to upload and self-edit stories, just ask and we’ll set you up with a simple editor’s interface.
So, without further ado, here’s our starting lineup:
JohnJohn Sue has never blogged before. He’s the baby among the siblings so has a unique perspective on both the family and the world. He likes to write about Chinese history and about family roots. This should be the perfect venue for us to enjoy his teachings so bug him to share his thoughts.
HelenHelen Owyoung has never blogged before. But she writes a mean email. Helen is the senior child of the Sue clan and is the saint who looks over us all. She married Henry Owyoung, so she’s now an Owyoung too. She’s a wise and nurturing lady, so be sure to bug her from time to time to get her to share stories from the past and her hints on how to live the future.
Anyone else, particularly ED, GLADYS and EDITH desiring to become contributors to this blog, please contact Steve Sue or Linda Sue… you’ll be hooked up and you’ll be sharing your grey matter in no time…i.e., the grey between (not outside) the ears…
Happy reading!
Love & aloha,
The Nicey Ricey Gang

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  1. adrienne says:

    i am definitely bookmarking this site for future reads! what a great idea!

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