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New Old Stuff!

We just uploaded some really cool old stuff on our ancestor Henry Sue and his in-laws, the Lums. Seems that Darlene Sue did a lot of genealogy stuff during her life. Then Linda Sue picked up the torch and passed it to me to share with you. I was amazed at the richness of the life stories and am truly thankful for all the sacrifices and strife our ancestors endured to get us to this fat and happy place.

The Henry Lum Family

The Lum Family Story. An epic about a world traveler who pawns his eligible 18 year old daughter on his way back to China to a strapping and worldly young man. He had a life full of travel and adventure yet managed to raise a family across the globe.

Alice & Henry Sue

The Henry & Alice Sue Story. A tale about a 15 year old who leaves China for the Golden Mountain of America only to return to China to receive a bride. He learned to speak, read and write English, fought in Germany during WWI and survived the Great Depression only to lose his life at 46 leaving behind a very tough wife and 5 children.

Both of these stories reside in a new section entitled Ancient History which you can find in the top navigation bar on any NiceyRicey page.

BTW, we all owe a debt of gratitude to Julie Phuong over at the Angel Island Immigration Foundation for kicking us in the butt to get this content together. The AIISF was interested in publishing these stories on their website as examples of early Chinese experiences at Angel Island. If you’d like to see other stories like our family’s, check out www.aiisf.org.

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