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Bride Linda Cheng attacked from behind... news at 11.

You go Aunty Linda! After a quarter century of dating Phillip Wilson, Aunty Linda finally decided to tie the knot (Geez, I thought I was a late bloomer) so on November 7, 2009, first cousin Ed Sue married them in front of 70 relatives and friends at the Pier 29 Restaurant in Alameda. It was a beautiful event by the beach with perfect weather and a radiant bridal party.

Although I wasn’t originally on the guest list, Aunty Helen scammed an invite for me. You see, I happened to be in the Bay Area on business. Gotta say though, I didn’t know it was aloha attire, so I walked in like a mainlander to an event that looked like back home. That was really cool though because just the day before I had this thought that SF was very grey and that I really needed to see some tropical turquoise, so tad-dah, my wish was granted.

Actually, the whole event was really quite the rainbow. Phillip is Italian, Linda is Chinese and the rest of us guests were an ethnic soup of blacks, whites and all shades of yellow. Very modern. Very hip. Very cool.

Highlights included daughter Donna Cheng doing several hula dances with her coconut-encrusted gang… whoa, what a hottie… I’m sorry to say that every time the coconuts started shakin’, I experienced a strange bout of paralysis so I didn’t get any pics, but I am proud to report that Donna still got game. Good genes those Chinese have.

And speaking of Donna – I’m calling you out girl! Please help get some pics from the wedding day onto this site… my iPhone pics aren’t the best and I know you and your muscle-bound brother Regan got some killer pics. Oh, Regan got good genes too: when we were kids, he used to do his Mr. Universe pose and let us hang off his guns, then he’d ask if we’d been picking up girls, and we’d be like, “No – girls are heavy!” And he’d just chuckle. It was several years past puberty before I finally got the joke…

Finally, I just gotta shout out a congratulation to Dale Cheng’s son, Dale Jr. who has a baby of his own now. WOW! So that makes Aunty Linda a Great Grandmother Bride… awesome. And hecks, that makes Dale a Grandfather…yikers! And whoa, I originally reported that Sharon (the last third child in Aunty Linda’s litter) couldn’t be far behind the grandparent’s train as daughter Janelle is clearly packin’ some WMD’s now… but like DUH, I was having a senior moment of my own as I knew Imani was Janelle’s daughter which means that Aunty Linda has been a great grandmother for a long time!… so like I said, they all got good genes ’cause no one in that family looks like a grandparent. Hmmm, or may be it’s because my old eyes are goin’ now… Naw!


Chinese stay hot long time. (put that in your fortune cookie an smoke it!)

3 Responses to “Linda Cheng Gets Hitched!”

  1. sjsue says:

    My apologies to Grandma Sharon… I totally forgot that she was a Grammy already! I revised the article to reflect that milestone.

  2. adrienne says:

    fyi: sharon is number 3 in birth order. dale is the youngest.

    it was good seeing you! definitely was a fun party!

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