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Hey Gang, here comes Edy & George Sheu to niceyricey! George and Edy will be writing under “georgesheu” so be sure to look for their posts.

George Sheu, Steve Sue, Edith Sue Sheu at Karen & Steve's Honolulu wedding reception 6/27/09

Edith is the third child in the Henry Sue clan who met George at UC Berkeley, then followed him to LA as George completed his education as a pharmacist at USC. Good move Uncle George – USC football is so much more satisfying to follow than UCB football.

I have an extra fond spot in my heart for Uncle George and Aunty Edy as they cared out for me while I attended UCLA. They used to have me out so much that I became “K5” even though my name started with an “S” (their kids are Kevin, Kerry, Kristy and Keith). I even spent the better part of a summer rooming with cousin Keith in the back bedroom above their pharmacy. Those were truly wonderful days and I thank them for so much joy and love.

I recall they worked so hard putting drug orders together and driving the around town on deliveries… and they smiled and were good natured all the time despite the hard work. I used to be amazed at how Uncle George could type. It was an unusual thing for men to do in that era. And he did it on one of those typewriters that didn’t erase! No backspace, no delete, no spell check. Then Aunty Edy would go out on her deliver rounds to disburse drugs to the many customers and retirement homes that were their patrons.

The Ladder Trick: two tall ladders + one plank = 1 dozen short Chinese kids seeing Rose Parade. Susan Siu, Valerie Siu, Kerry Sheu, George Sheu, Edy Sheu, Jennifer Siu, Kevin Sheu, Tina Siu, Alan Sue, Steve Sue 1/1/1977

Yet they always had the energy to take us to Disneyland or see the Rose Parade. Work hard, play hard. That was always their motto. What great role models to follow. Thanks Aunty & Uncle for letting us tag along after you and for showing us how to live life with so much class.

These days, despite being retired, their dance card is literally full… every week they do line dancing, ballroom dancing, pilates, gym workouts, yoga, bingo and family time with the kids and grandkids. You go Aunty & Uncle!

So, look forward to their writings mostly in the Sue and Sheu family categories… and bug them with special requests if you have questions about the past… welcome to niceyricey Uncle George and Aunty Edy!

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  1. Cousin Keith says:

    I remember those days fondly. In addition to being “K5” Steve was also known by my Mom as the “Croissant Man”, as he would bring a bag of croissants from a bakery near UCLA that were onolicious! My Mom LOVED those croissants and we certainly welcomed Steve, croissants or not.

    I recall many late night discussions about all kinds of things with Steve. In addition to my parents, Steve’s philosophy certainly helped shape my life and for that I have always cherished those times. One of those philosophies is evidenced through this website. Steve always told me how much he enjoyed talking with the older generations, as they had experienced life and held wisdom that we could and should learn from. Being one of the youngest cousins, it was easy, as even my own generation was older than myself.

    Two things my parents always told me was to 1. Always give your best effort, no matter what. and 2. choose a profession that where you enjoy getting up every morning for. I can’t honestly say I always give 100%, but I try to, but I can say I love what I do and have no trouble getting up every morning and going to work.

    Thanks to my mom and dad for everything you have taught me, and also Steve for those late night philosophy lessons.


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